Open Forge Nights

Fire in a Forge at Blacksmithing Classes near Orlando Florida

Open Forge Nights

January 2017 Open Forge Nights will be Tuesday, January 3 and Thursday, January 19.
Students who have completed the Beginning Blacksmithing class can practice their new skills in open forge sessions two evenings per month. Open forges are 3 hour studio blocks where students can practice independently.

Those with some blacksmithing experience are welcome to join us, but please remember that this is self directed. I’ll be available to answer questions and offer advice, but I may also be working on my own projects.

I expect attendees to follow safe shop practice at all times. People who fail to follow safe shop practice may be asked to leave the forging area.

Open forge sessions on designated nights are 6 PM to 9 PM. Shop fee covers basic materials and consumables.