Sometimes, projects don’t come together all at once….

Sometimes, projects don’t come together all at once….

Sometimes, especially if you’re making a project for yourself and not for a client (who gives you an idea of what they want), it takes some time for an idea to solidify. When that happens, the best you can do is set your project on the shelf, and come back to it when the next part of the idea ‘comes to you’. Then, you dust it off and forge ahead. That’s how this project went, for me. I made the base, but only had a nebulous idea of how I wanted the finished product to look. Even when ideas for the top began to flow, it was only in fits and starts. It took a long time for this to become what I really wanted to see….

I made the base in a class I took with Michael Saari, and at that time I had no ideas about the top, at all. But the pieces of the base were interesting, and I knew something creative would come of it. Having always been a fan of the organic lines of the Art Nouveau movement in France and Belgium, that heavily influenced my thinking about this project. A photo of some industrial forging of I-beam from Brussels gave the inspiration for the flowing ends of the angle iron along the bottom of the platen. At the time, folding those ends around was a big departure from my usual way of thinking about a project. After that, the butterfly wing quality of the rest of the platen grew from that organic flow.

This music stand now graces the top of a grand piano in Kansas City, and is one of my favorite projects.


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