Private Blacksmithing Classes

Private Blacksmithing Classes are available to meet a variety of student needs and preferences.

What can you do when your schedule doesn’t permit attending regularly scheduled classes? Maybe you don’t have weekends free; maybe the class you want isn’t offered during your available time; maybe you’re not comfortable tackling an unfamiliar craft while others are present; or have a learning style or physical limitation that makes group learning difficult.

Do you have a project planned–or half-built–and find yourself stuck?  Do you need some extra help to get you “over the hump”?  Do you need to acquire or improve particular skills to get it done?

Do you want to treat yourself–or someone else–to a multi-day blacksmithing workshop? Whether you’re a beginner wanting to jump-start your introduction to the craft, or an intermediate smith seeking additional skills and confidence, we can tailor a program to suit your needs.  Two days or a whole week–or anything in between.

Want to fit blacksmithing into your winter vacation?  The shop is located just north of Orlando, within an hour of major attractions like Disney & Universal, as well as beaches on both coasts.  We’re ten minutes from Renningers.

Artistry with Utility can schedule private, individual instruction tailored to meet your schedule and your goals as a smith, whether you’re needing weekday classes or hoping to design and build a specific project.

If your blacksmithing education needs a more personal touch, I’m available to help you reach your objectives.

Private instruction courses start at $300.00. For more information, please contact us….